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Classroom Protocol

Respect your fellow students and I: Arrive on time (excessive tardiness will effect your participation grade) and do not partake in disruptive behavior. We will all be respectful of each other in both our face-to-face and online communications. If you are late, wait for an appropriate moment to enter so you do not disturb the class. If you need to leave class for any reason, please do so at a moment when there is no conversation (and please don’t get up and walk right in front of me or anyone while we’re speaking — it’s very disrespectful). Turn off cell phones or put them on silent mode during the class period. You are welcome to use your laptop with the caveat that it is used to enhance our discussions.

Community Rules: During discussion, wait for 3 other people to speak before you speak again. This will ensure that everyone has a chance to contribute to our open discussions.

Email Protocol, Office Hours & Online Contact

Office Hours: 12-1pm, Tues & Thur

Office: Faculty Offices Building, Rm. 220 (near the chapel)

Telephone: 408-924-4475

Email: katherine.harris@sjsu.edu

Email is the best possible way to contact me (9am-5pm, M-F) and has the added bonus of recording our conversations. When emailing me, please consider it a formal communication: include the appropriate salutation, your name, your question/comment, and be aware of tone. See below for a brief example or check out the Writing Center’s handout (pdf):

Dear Professor Harris,

[my question]


[sign your name here with your course]

Know that long conversations over email are not fruitful merely because of the limitations of technology. If you have an extended question or dilemma that cannot be answered by our online materials, please visit me during office hours or schedule an online chat/video chat. See our Google spreadsheet for class contact and blog roll. Please provide an email address that you check daily.

Google+ Hangout ID: dr.katherine.harris

Skype ID: katherinedharris

Twitter ID: @triproftri

See this extremely helpful article about emailing your professor and why there’s such an insistence on formality: “Re: Your Recent Email to your Professor. (Links to an external site.)Inside Higher Ed.

Late Submission of Assignments

If you cannot meet an assignment deadline (other than the blog posts), you must contact me at least 48 hours prior to our class meeting to discuss the situation. When you contact me, please know that no matter the situation, for every day that an essay is late, you will be penalized one grade step: A becomes A-, A- becomes a B+, etc. The weekend will count as one day. In order to avoid late penalties, an essay must be submitted in the required form on Canvas. No late submissions allowed for discussion board posts.

University Policies

These links contain information relevant to all courses at SJSU.

General Expectations, Rights and Responsibilities of the Student
Course Requirements and Assignments
Attendance and Participation
Accommodation to Students’ Religious Holidays
Dropping and Adding
Consent for Recording of Class and Public Sharing of Instructor Material – No Recording of Engl. 108
Academic integrity – aka Plagiarism Policy
Campus Policy in Compliance with the American Disabilities Act
Student Technology Resources 
SJSU Peer Connections 
SJSU Writing Center
SJSU Counseling and Psychological Services