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Setting up your WordPress blog for  Weekly Writings (

This is where you’ll post your weekly writings about all things technology and literature. You will be given a specific prompt and a tag that needs to be included (so I can find your post) for each of these posts. For more about tags, see here:

  1. At the above URL, click on “Get Started” to set up your blog. If you already blog with WordPress, please set up a new blog for our class this semester.
  2. We will use the basic WordPress blog (which is free). Fill out the form with your email address, user name, password.
  3. For your blog url, use the following naming protocol: lastname108gaming. Example: Harris108gaming
  4. Once in your blog, you may want to customize the look of it. The only restriction for your blog: please don’t use white text on black background. It’s very difficult to read. See here for help:
  5. Each post will be time-stamped; this helps me determine if you posted on time each week. You’ll need to set the timezone for your blog. See instructions here along with other information on General Settings: Be sure to enable comments. If anyone comments (that’s the goal!), you’ll have to approve them before everyone can see them. (See here for more help:

VERY IMPORTANT:  When you have created your blog, go to our Google Drive spreadsheet and include your blog’s URL as well as your email address.