Bastion, Class Game

With 19 comments (and 15 commenters overall), the answer for our class game is Bastion.


It’s available for play/download on Mac, Windows, Xbox, Steam, in Google Chrome (browser play), iPad, Playstation 4. There’s a free demo on Steam, but please purchase the game for play-through.

Cost: $14.99

You may be interested in some of the background to this game, available on the FAQ:

Please keep notes on everything about this game, from the platform you choose to your initial assessment of the narrative and graphics. Remember, you will be playing with a critical eye. So you may want to play through first for enjoyment and then another time through thinking about all of the theories that we’ve been amassing this semester.

After you have played the game, you may want to check out the reviews and community hub (on Steam or other places). But, I recommend that you not read reviews prior to play so it doesn’t taint your experience.
Add any information, observations, tips below to the comments section.

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