Zork Tips & Cheats

We’ve added Zork to our gameplay this semester. Luke sent out a tutorial on how to install it using DOSBox, which I’m appended below.

If you find something cool or have created a map that you’re willing to share, post in the comments below.

I died within 10mins in a dark room upstairs from a grue. Also, I couldn’t kick myself — just testing weird stuff.


What you will need:
A .zip file manager. I recommend 7-zip, but Winzip is another popular one. You might already have one of those two and not even know it. In case you don’t, you can download 7-zip from the following link:
I don’t know of any good Mac zip file managers, so if any other students know (or if you have experience with it) please let me know. Also, you’ll have to actually install it, rather than just downloading it. Please remember to do this.
DOSBox Emulator
Since Zork is a game that was built for an operating system that nobody uses anymore, we need to use a program that pretends to be that operating system. DOSBox is the easiest to use, and it has both Mac and Windows versions. Click either “Windows” or “Mac OS X” (I think) to download it. Remember to install it after downloading it. An icon should show up on your desktop after it’s installed.
Finally, you’ll need Zork.
Click “Zip” on the right-hand side of the following page:
Step 1: Extract Zork into a folder on your computer.
Inline image 3
Inline image 4
Step 2: Click and drag “runme” or “runme.bat” onto DOSBox0.74 icon.
Inline image 5
Congratulations! You are playing Zork!
Inline image 6
For Mac Users:
I just tested it running OS 10.9.5 Mavericks. As long as you open the runme.bat file found in the unzipped Zork folder with DOSBox it works fine. (Note: Click on runme.bat and indicate Open With – select DOSBox. Be sure DOSBox is closed before you attempt this.)
Thanks Luke & Drew!

3 thoughts on “Zork Tips & Cheats

  1. Couple of small tips that might help:

    Just because you left the previous area from the west exit DOES NOT mean you ENTERED your current area from the east. You might leave from the west and enter from the south. This confused the hell out of me at the start.

    If you have a tendency for getting lost, drop items like breadcrumbs. “Oh, I’ve already been here, because here’s that leaflet I dropped.” It helps.

    Draw a map. If you look up a map, you can beat the game in an hour or two. Drawing a map is time-consuming, but it can be fun.

    Climb a tree.

    Check under things.

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